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Wrists on fire? How chiropractic may help your wrist pain and carpal tunnel syndrome

Often I see people who have issues with their wrists and have no idea that chiropractic might help- after all, “chiropractors only work with spines, right?” Working with the spine directly affects the nerve system.  In this way chiropractors are more accurately ‘nerve system doctors’ than ‘back doctors’.  Issues with […]

Christmas office closure

The office is now closed for the Christmas Holidays and will re-open Monday December 31st at 8am. Regular office hours will apply for the week of December 31st, with the exception of the office being closed the morning of Tuesday January 1st (however, we will be open as of 1pm […]

Low Back Pain? It Could be your Ankle..Ankle Pain? It Could be your Low Back! Here’s How..

“Dr. Mark- I’ve had low back pain for years but now for some reason my ankle hurts…by the way my GP says I have to get knee surgery because of the arthritis in it…the OTHER knee is just fine though- weird huh?” It’s actually not weird at all.  Here’s why- […]

Our New Electronic Massage Table Helps our Patients get More out of their Visit

After receiving their chiropractic adjustment, I always recommend that patients rest for as long as possible in order to let the spine settle into its new position and allow the surrounding muscles and tissues time to adapt. While many do heed my advice and head straight home for a well-deserved […]

Shoulder pain ? Why Chiropractic may help you shrug off your shoulder issue!

Often clients come into my office and their nagging shoulder pain that has been lingering and not improving for months or even years isn’t their main concern- usually their back is what brings them in and they have no idea that chiropractic could even potentially help their shoulder! Quite often […]