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A Chiropractor for your Baby- how Infants, Newborns benefit from chiropractic care

ShareThe idea of chiropractic for children, especially for infants is a foreign one for many parents. “Is it beneficial?,” “Is it safe?” These are reasonable questions for a loving parent looking out for the best interest of their child. From my personal education, experience, and observation I can say with […]

Near UVIC, Chiropractor Dr. Mark Smith helps students be at their best

ShareBeing a student at UVIC can be tough. Endless hours of lectures in uncomfortable, non-ergonomic seats, note-taking, all-night study sessions and deadlines, inactivity, and perhaps the worst of all- the pressure to perform while being constantly tested and scrutinized. All of these stresses can accumulate and take a toll on […]

Victoria BC Chiropractor Dr. Mark Smith Featured in June Issue of Seaside Magazine

ShareSeaside Magazine is a community favorite that does a great job of representing the flavor of West Coast living on the Saanich Peninsula. Pick up the June 2014 edition of Seaside Magazine or click on the picture to read it online. Victoria (Saanich) BC Chiropractor Dr. Mark Smith is featured […]