About Our Office

Video Xray at Progressive Chiropractic, Victoria BC
The Progressive Chiropractic Videofluoroscopy Xray Machine

Not your Typical Chiropractic Clinic.

One of the most consistent things we hear patients say is something along the lines of “Wow, your clinic sure is different”, “I’ve never seen an office like this before”, “I’ve been going to chiropractors for years and have never seen this approach!”

Certainly one thing chiropractors have in common is that they’re all different, but one thing that our clients generally agree on is that our clinic is truly unique and set us apart, and that our patients ultimately benefit from these differences.


What are some of our Differences?

A Marriage between Technology and the Effectiveness of Chiropractic Care

Victoria Chiropractor Dr. Mark Smith’s Zenith Hi-Lo drop table

We use what we consider to be the best technology available to analyze spinal dysfunction and deliver an effective, comfortable, and thorough on-table experience. While other therapies and modalities are useful and valuable in their own right, we don’t incorporate them in our office setting because it would take focus away from our primary objective of specific and thorough chiropractic care. Why? Because we recognize the power and effectiveness of chiropractic care and find our results to be consistent when excellent spinal care is the objective. At the same time we will often refer our patients to other specialists for ancillary care when appropriate (massage, acupuncture, etc.)

Professional Enough to Give you Confidence, Casual Enough to Make you Comfortable

Choosing a chiropractor is not an easy task. Ideally you’d like to deal with a practitioner who is professional and confident and who’s working environment reflects the same. At the same time however, chiropractic care is unique in that it is very hands-on, humanistic, and typically involves multiple visits, sometimes over a lifetime. This requires that a practitioner is friendly, relateable, and that you develop a relationship with them. Dr. Mark Smith prides himself on balancing both and our patients agree- just check out our reviews and learn more about Dr. Mark here

We do our best to balance both in our clinic space as well. For example, you may walk in for your first appointment to be greeted by our friendly (and small) office dog Charlie, but shortly thereafter have your lumbar spine visualized by a C-arm videofluoroscopy unit. You might be finishing an adjustment and being brought to a vertical standing position by our automatic Zenith hi-lo adjusting table but shortly after taking your shoes off to have a rest on the massage table. Both the professional and the familiar coexist in our clinic and we take pride in our environment.

Healthy Thinking, Healthy Movement, Healthy Eating, Healthy Spine
Victoria Chiropractor Dr. Mark Smith provides Lifestyle and Wellness advice in order to help patients maximize their results

Lifestyle Advice Beyond the Spine

A patient benefits from care only as much as their lifestyle allows. This why we have incorporated an examination and history-taking process that helps identify the lifestyle-related stressors that may be causing their issues. As it is said, ‘A problem well-defined is already half solved!’ After physical examination, xray, and history-taking, patients fill out a questionnaire to help us identify problem areas in how they are eating, thinking, and moving and are made more aware of their lifestyle-related deficiencies. Our wellness resource center located in our office is available for patients to peruse at their convenience. In addition, regular progress examinations reveal improvement along the way.

In the End, its all About Quality of Life

Regardless of where you go with your care, we’re here to help you on your terms. Ultimately how a person follows through on their care is up to them, and we realize this is the case. While Dr. Mark will make you the most appropriate and reasonable care recommendation for you Ultimately it is our goal to help you live better for as long as possible and for as long as you choose to enjoy care at our clinic.


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