All Processes Take Time – A Lesson In Patience from a Chiropractor’s Father

Even family members get impatient with results and need to be reminded that the body takes time to heal!

One of the most difficult patients a chiropractor can care for is their own family member. After all, these are the people that have been closest to you as you’ve grown up, know everything about you,  and will therefore second-guess your recommendations from time to time..

Such was the case with my own father several weeks ago. After diving headlong into a large basement renovation project he quickly found himself suffering from aches and pains due to activity that his body wasn’t conditioned to.

Among these pains, dad also developed a constant, nagging muscle twitch in both forearms which kept him up awake at night and had him generally irritated and worried for several days.

Initially, his first instinct was to go to an MD for a referral to a neurologist.  Naturally, I reasoned that hunching over a newly jack-hammered floor in the basement for hours on end had likely put his neck out of alignment and was irritating the nerves traveling down to his arms to the now involuntarily twitching muscles.

Dad’s arm twitching was the result of a subluxation (misaligned vertebrae) in the neck causing irritation to nerve flow in his arms

I explained that adjusting his neck back into proper alignment could relieve the pressure from the affected nerves and get them firing properly again. Despite the fact that his neck wasn’t in pain he reluctantly agreed that this theory made sense and came in for an adjustment.  Dad comes in on a regular basis for spinal health regardless so this was nothing new for him.


After thermal scanning, analyzing, and adjusting his neck, I mentioned that it may take several visits to start feeling a difference and dad went about his business.  Several days later my slightly disappointed and anxious father informed me that his forearms were still twitching after the first visit. Again I reminded him that it may take several adjustments to start feeling a difference and a week later dad was back in the office. Another thermal scan, analysis, and adjustment was performed on a different part of the neck.

Two days later I found this message on my personal Facebook page:

“Hey Mark – Your recent adjustment stopped the 3 week perpetual spasm in my left forearm. So … have you got an adjustment to reverse this aging process thing??”

This turned out to be more than an “I told you so moment” that I could remind my father of in the future.  This was also a good reminder to us both to have faith that the body A.)  heals itself, and B.) heals in its own time based on a number of different factors.

I’ll talk more about what those factors are in my next post.

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