Here’s to Anna!

AnnaCaring for others is a privilege, and I learn from and appreciate every patient I have had the ability to serve. Every now and then though, I come across someone who inspires me, someone who I recognize to be a person to model my own life after. At 92 years old, Anna was one of these people.

Initially Anna came to my office with a very ordinary problem of back pain, but after receiving help with this issue she latched onto chiropractic and to her health in a very extraordinary and inspiring way.

At 92 years old, Anna followed my recommendations better than most people who come to me seeking help. At a point in life when many of her peers are incapacitated by their lack of health, Anna was vivaciously and regularly investing in hers. She continued to work out at the gym and exercise regularly, she carried on with her chiropractic wellness care, stayed connected with her family, and thought positively about herself and her potential for living life fully, even after being set back more recently by a serious injury.


When an individual expresses these qualities, and indeed expresses LIFE in the truest sense of the word the way she did, you can’t help but be lifted just by being around them. Your life becomes enriched just by being in this person’s presence, and I was without question.

So here’s to you Anna. Thank you for being a pleasure to care for, to become acquainted with, and for inspiring us to live life fully, you will be truly missed!


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