Why Back Strengthening Exercises?

Back strengthening exercises don’t usually get clients excited, but there are a bevy of benefits to incorporating them into your regular health care routine!

When I say the words “Back Strengthening Exercises” the look I sometimes get from clients is like I just asked them to eat an entire bulb of uncooked garlic. It’s not difficult to see that the internal dialogue is something like “Yuck. Do I HAVE to??”

The reality is that most people reach a point in their care where they have to decide whether they want to take their health to the next level or opt to stay with the progress they’ve made. Both are fine but making more improvement usually means some sort of regular physical activity and strengthening, and when regular exercise and physical activity isn’t part of a client’s usual routine it can seem like a daunting task.

100 years ago the world was a much more ‘manual, do-it-yourself’ place, and perhaps the need for scheduled exercise and strength-building wasn’t as necessary. Today however, we live in a completely different world and with life becoming more and more sedentary, strengthening exercise- especially back strengthening exercise to support the spine and nervous system function should be thought of as a basic nutrient for good health.



But what’s in it for you? Well, to name a few benefits:

  • Hold chiropractic adjustments in place better

    Back Strengthening
    These are some of the simple back strengthening exercises I like to recommend
  • Save $$$ with fewer office visits
  • Become more resilient to physical stress and injury
  • Support your spine and nervous system health
  • Reach your health goals faster
  • Prevent spinal degeneration
  • Have better posture and look better
  • Release endorphins, making you feel better
  • Decrease stress
  • Give yourself a mental break during the day

You don’t need to get fancy about these back strengthening exercises either. I recommend doing a series of approximately 7 exercises using your own body weight every two days and working up to more repetitions as you are able. Like anything, it’s easier once it becomes habit! Check out this link to the exercises I like to recommend!

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