Car Accident? Whiplash? Why Video Motion Xray and Chiropractic may help get you back in the Driver’s Seat

Car accidents can alter the structure of the spine, leading to pain, whiplash, spinal decay, and other health problems

You were in a car accident. Besides getting shaken up and your car dinged, it doesn’t appear as though you were badly hurt. You even went to the hospital to get checked out and nothing appeared to be wrong, not even much pain to speak of.

Weeks later you noticed it- a little ache in the neck, but it was minor. After an Advil you got on with your day. More time went by until finally that little ache – that ‘background noise’ in your neck became a roar and the Advil isn’t helping anymore. You’re now in constant pain, you can’t focus or go about your daily routine, and you realize something’s seriously wrong.

Sound familiar?

Car accidents causing whiplash, even those that seem minor – can cause several serious problems:

1. The spine is thrown out of its normal alignment causing damage to surrounding soft tissue

2. The muscles surrounding the spine can spasm and ‘splint’ the spine to some degree in an effort to stabilize it – which causes pain and toxic buildup in these tissues

3.  Pressure on the nerves leaving the spine can develop which can also cause pain and alter the function of these nerves and your internal health

4.  Premature spinal decay/arthritis

Observe how a normal healthy spine should move:

(Notice how the vertebrae open and close smoothly into a C-shaped arc and there is no restriction of movement)

Now observe how a spine often looks after a car accident causing whiplash:

(Notice the restriction of normal movement in the neck)

What needs to be done about it?

1. Find the spinal misalignment(s). At Progressive Chiropractic we do this using video motion xray to see exactly where these are, and we are the only clinic in Victoria BC to use this technology.

2. Adjust the misaligned vertebrae back into alignment through chiropractic care.

3. Stretch and strengthen and massage the back to aid the healing process and build up resilience in the injured area again

4. Continue to look after the health of your spine and nerve system with periodic ongoing maintenance chiropractic care and lifestyle changes to stay at your best – similar to caring for your teeth.

Don’t wait. The sooner the problem is identified and addressed, the sooner you can recover and get back to being the real you!

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