Chiropractic is expensive (but not how you’d think).

What most people don't realize is that how much care they need (and how much they spend on chiropractic) is usually in their hands.
What most people don’t realize is that how much care they need (and how much they spend on chiropractic) is usually in their hands.

Occasionally people will express their financial concerns when I suggest a course of care. While offering different payment options is something I do, I ultimately leave the decision on financial matters up to patients. What most people don’t realize though is that how much care they will likely need is usually completely in THEIR hands!

To put it another way, who will likely need the more frequent amount of care and invest more money in their care?:

A.) The 40 year old male who exercises 5 days a week, eats healthy, thinks positive thoughts, and is on his feet and active most hours of his work day at a job he loves or…

B.) The extremely overweight 40 year old male who doesn’t exercise at all, eats poorly, thinks negative thoughts constantly, and works 10 hours a day at a desk doing a job he hates?

Hopefully ‘B’ was the obvious answer.

If you think of your health like a teeter-totter, the more stress you put in it on one end the more chiropractic care you’re likely to need on the other just to stay healthy and just feel ‘normal’. This is when chiropractic can become something like a ‘crutch’ to just help get you through life more comfortably. After all, what we are generally raised to believe about our health is that you ‘only fix it if its broken’, or in other words only go to the chiropractor if you’re in pain.

Your health is a lot like a teeter-totter. The more stress that you place on one side, the more chiropractic care you’ll likely need on the other end to help create balance

On the other hand, the more you take care of yourself with your diet, exercise, and healthy thought patterns, the more likely it is that you need to come less frequently, and the more chiropractic becomes a way to help achieve your best health possible, like a mechanic fine-tuning a formula 1 race car.

In order for chiropractic to really have the maximum benefit to your life, it requires an individual to be accountable for their health. THAT’S the expensive part, and it’s where many people fall short.

Chiropractic can
Chiropractic can be something like a crutch to help you just feel normal, or it can be a tool towards being your best, like how a formula 1 race car mechanic works on a vehicle.

Quite often patients hit a wall in their care where they can’t go more than 2 or 3 weeks between visits without feeling awful, yet when they start making lifestyle changes like using a standing desk (check out a great review of different models HERE), doing core exercises, or getting out of stressful life situations they suddenly become more resilient, happier, and their chiropractic care becomes a way of being at their very best.

Most people can afford chiropractic care if it’s a priority. Cutting back on cell phone and cable bills, or drinking less gourmet coffee is often enough to do it. It all depends what role you want chiropractic to have in your life.

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