Chiropractic: It’s about Quality of Life

Have you thought about what quality of life means to you? How important is it to you?
What does ‘quality of life’ mean to you? How important is it?

As a chiropractor, I often witness moments that reveal the core of what chiropractic is and the ‘big picture’ of the benefits of care.

Today I had one such instance like this with a patient who has experienced major improvement in his back and neck issues.



When I asked him if he had experienced any other differences in his health and well-being he immediately said “Yes-  I’m happier! All my friends keep telling me so, and they keep saying ‘You look so much more relaxed now.'”  He went on to say how he can now play soccer again without issue when previously he had struggled to or would have to sideline himself and watch the game instead of play.

Several days ago a mother of 3 explained to me that after her first low back adjustment she went home and slept for 8 hours straight in the middle of the day due to the calming effect just that one visit had on her body.

Yesterday another long-term client explained that over the past year and a half he’s been improving slowly to the point that he can now go hunting for strenuous week-long trips without issue. To him this means the world because hunting is one of his passions in life.

Examples like these emerge from our office frequently and the common theme is simple: Quality of life.

For many, personal health and the ability to live life to the fullest is actually less of a priority than other things or less of a priority than they’d be willing to admit.

For many, health and quality of life is more important than just about anything else, and for those people chiropractic is a great option to help improve, achieve, and maintain these things. This is due to the effect a healthy spine and nerve system has on the body’s function and the ability chiropractic has to help maintain and restore function where it has been lost.

It’s all a matter of priorities. What are yours?

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