Chronic Fatigue

When someone receives a medical diagnosis of Chronic Fatigue it’s through what is called a ‘diagnosis of exclusion.’  This means that in coming to this diagnosis any number of other medical conditions and diseases were ruled out- bloodwork is normal, symptoms aren’t being caused by a bacteria or virus, there’s no known genetic predisposition causing symptoms, etc. and a medical professional can really only speculate on what might be causing a person to be tired all the time.

All the same, the patient is low on energy, barely wants to get out of bed, and has no idea why.

‘Chronic fatigue’ literally means ‘tired all the time’ or ‘constant low energy,’ and interestingly, one of the common side effects patients I see patients experience after being under chiropractic care is increased energy. I attribute this to the fact that chiropractic care decreases stress on the nervous system and improves the overall ‘ease’ of bodily function. When the body is functioning without disturbance to the nerve system its efficiency is improved.

Misalignment of spinal vertebrae also puts the body into a state of subconcious stress, and this can happen whether the individual realizes it or not.

If an individual is suffering from feeling sluggish and being chronically low on energy, there HAS to be a reason why. Many factors could be at play- psychological/emotional stress, poor nutrition, nutritional deficiencies, hormonal factors, low physical activity, and the list goes on. As a chiropractor though, the FIRST place I look to is to the system of the body that controls all other systems of the body- the nerve system.

At our office we use technology to help us track the activity of the nerve system as we work to improve its function through examining and correcting the spine. Our thermal scanning instrument which shows tiny temperature variations of blood flow in the skin actually gives us a window into the nervous system and allows us to tune the spine accordingly.

Even a Ferrari can perform sluggishly if not tuned to its optimal potential- Your body works exactly the same way

Chronic fatigue is a perfect example of the body functioning at less than its optimal potential- kind of like a 6 cylinder car firing on only 4 cylinders. Even a Ferrari will perform sluggishly if not properly tuned to its full potential, and the human body is no different. Many factors can effect your energy levels, but none more so than disturbance to the system of the body that controls all others- the nerve system.

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