360° Virtual Clinic Tour

Our Clinic Environment:

We take pride in creating a comfortable, modern clinic environment while using technology that helps us provide great care. Unlike many offices, when you take our clinic tour you’ll find that our space is bright, open, and welcoming. This is because we want you to have a healing experience that is pleasant, comfortable, transparent, and eventually feels like home.

Bright natural light flows through the office to give it this ‘open’ feel with semi-divided rooms. Our consult room and xray rooms are appropriately private however. As soon as you walk in the door you’ll see our staff and Dr. Mark busy at work. Often our small and friendly office dog Charlie will run up and say hello as well.

Our goal is to give you the best chiropractic experience we can.


A view inside our office
A view of our office after walking in our front door. Natural light flows through our semi open-concept office giving a bright, friendly feel.

Front desk
Our front desk. Our friendly staff will greet you here.


Our reception area
Our reception area where you will be greeted by our friendly staff.

Progressive Chiropractic Wellness Resource Center
Our Wellness Resource Center. Patients are encouraged to retrieve information from this booth after receiving their spinal health and wellness reports

Intersegmental Traction Tables
Our Intersegmental Traction Tables also known as our ‘massage tables.’ Patients are encouraged to rest on these after their treatment. This helps to relax muscles further, get more motion into the spine, and allow the body to adjust post-treatment.

Dr. Mark's treatment table
The unique Zenith 230 Hi-Lo drop table of Victoria Chiropractor Dr. Mark Smith

Our thermal scanning booth
Our thermal scanning booth. This tool produces a heat map of the back which allows us to track blood flow and nerve activity.

C-arm videofluoroscopy unit
Our C-arm Videofluoroscopy (spinal video motion xray) unit. We are the only clinic on Vancouver Island using this technology to visualize the spine.

Victoria Chiropractor Dr. Mark Smith's consultation room
History-taking/consult room of Dr. Mark Smith.

Dr. Mark Smith's consult room
Dr. Mark Smith’s office/consult room. This room is used for functional testing like spinal range of motion and grip strength.

Our office dog Charlie
Our friendly (and small) office dog and official greeter ‘Charlie’ who is great with kids



Below you’ll find the 360° virtual clinic tour of Victoria Chiropractor Dr. Mark Smith at Progressive Chiropractic. Click on the image below to explore our office and get a feel for our clinic environment.

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