Elbow Pain? How chiropractic could help

Don't worry, it usually takes something much less dramatic than this to put your elbow out of alignment!
Don’t worry, it usually takes something much less dramatic than this to put your elbow out of alignment!

Your elbows aren’t something you think about much…until they start hurting that is.

“Is it some kind of tendonitis or ligament damage? Did I bang it on something and forget? Did I twist it somehow? Why is it clicking every time I extend it?” These are questions you might be asking yourself when you start to have elbow pain and issues. Believe it or not though, the elbow is something we address at the office more often than you’d think, and often with great success.

This is because the elbow can become misaligned by everyday things- carrying a child seat wrong, using a mouse at a computer for extended periods of time, or during your free weight workout routine. If it doesn’t feel right, chances are it needs to get checked out.

elbowThe elbow is a fairly simple joint with the ability to move like a hinge (like a door opening and closing) and the ability of the radius bone to pivot. It’s made up of the ulna, the radius, and the humerus, and when a misalignment occurs, it’s usually the ulna or radius bone that need to be realigned with a simple chiropractic adjustment. At our clinic we use muscle tests to help determine whether that’s the case.

Occasionally, I’ll also see the cause of elbow pain as originating from issues in the shoulder or wrist, and we also check to see if this is a possibility as well. It’s important to remember that because the entire body is connected, an issue with the elbow could very well affect the rest of the body- the shoulder, the neck, the ribs, the wrist- and should not be taken lightly.

Before you start thinking the worst about your elbow (tendonitis, stress fracture, ligament damage, bursitis, etc.) consider the cause of your elbow pain to be something much simpler and contact us first!


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