Living in Potential

potentialThe REAL reason most people come into my office seeking help isn’t because they have problem X, Y, or Z.

Whether or not they consciously realize it, most people come into my office because they believe that they deserve better from their health. Deep down people know that their body was meant to function optimally. I see this in the attitudes of many people who are often surprised, shocked, frustrated, and almost insulted by the fact that they are suffering with problem X, Y, or Z.

I like that attitude. I like it because I also believe that people are born for health, not sickness, and a life of possibility and potential.

When we get right down to the truth of it, what REALLY brings most people into my office is the fact that their issue is interfering with their quality of life. This is why I ask clients questions like “How is this affecting your day-to-day life?” “Is this keeping you from doing anything you would normally do?”, “Is this keeping you from doing anything you would want to do?” The answers are very illuminating, and it is not just eye-opening to me, but to the people answering the questions as well. It gives us goals to strive for throughout an individual’s care.

It’s sad when people stop believing that they deserve health, or that their body was designed to work properly and be healthy, or that they even have the potential to be healthy. So many of the messages we are bombarded with on a daily basis tell us exactly that though, that dysfunction is normal, and that it can be ‘managed’ and ‘treated’ with a drug, product, or medical procedure.

I am so thankful for my experience as a chiropractor, and I get excited about my profession not because of chiropractic’s ability to ‘treat’ or ‘manage’ conditions but because of the potential I get to see unlocked in my clients throughout their care and the changes in their lives I witness.

What hidden potential do you have?


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