Neck Pain

Neck Pain Chiropractor Victoria:

Neck pain is a very common problem that we help people with on a regular basis. It’s also an issue that can have a number of different causes. Because of this, we find the root cause of the problem at our clinic by using video motion xray technology. This tool allows both myself and patient to literally see the spine’s function by watching it in motion. As a result, we can identify precisely where the spine itself may be misaligned and not moving properly. When you know where the problem is by seeing it, it means addressing the problem is more direct. (Below is a side-view of a patient’s neck as they bend forward and back).


Physical stresses over time create misalignments of spinal vertebrae. The body responds by locking up these vertebrae and eventually depositing calcium in areas of high stress
Physical stresses can create misalignments of spinal vertebrae. The body responds by holding these vertebrae out of alignment, which can cause neck pain. Chiropractors seek to correct these restrictions and return the neck to normal function.

Safety and Confidence

The neck is the most neurologically important part of spine. But while it is resilient, the neck is also the most delicate part of the spine. This means that when we treat the neck to improve conditions like neck pain we should always be approach things carefully. By using video xray, the we can be certain that there are no underlying issues that might be contraindicated. Things like hyper-flexibility, past injury, severe arthritis, and congenital spinal defects are some considerations. We can also know exactly where the spine is not moving properly so that the focus is specifically on these areas. This means getting to the root cause of the issue as soon as possible. After taking a spinal video xray of the neck, we make an electronic note of all the spinal segments (vertebrae) that need attention. We will then work to ‘adjust’ these segments and release them using a unique treatment table and instrument adjuster. Using this approach allows us to work with the spine without any twisting, torquing, or ‘popping/cracking’ sensations. This sensation is associated with more traditional chiropractic and some people may find it uncomfortable.

Combining Traditional, Modern, and Proactive Approaches

Traditional ‘motion palpation’ (feeling the mobility and tension of the spine by hand) is also used at our office. This is a crucial and irreplaceable tool in knowing where to release spinal tension on a visit-to-visit basis. There is no replacement for hands-on analysis because it helps track a patient’s progress. Therefore, spinal motion, tension, pain, and postural improvements are all observed each visit. Palpation is guided by the video motion xray performed on the initial exam however. We also use more traditional chiropractic exam methods like measuring range of motion. In doing so we combine traditional ‘tried and true’ methods and new technology. These neck motion measurements along with other ‘functional tests’ allow us to help track a patient’s progress. After these initial tests, a patient’s initial Spinal Health Report is created using results from both. At this point the patient takes a more active role in their care. The individual Spinal Health Report will lay out proactive exercises for the patient to complete. By investing time and energy in being proactive, the patient therefore reinforces their great clinical results.

How is Neck Pain, misalignment and decreased spinal motion caused?

What often happens is that forces acting on the neck (such as accidents, poor posture, stress, etc) put specific bones of the neck out of alignment. This misalignment is referred to as a ‘subluxation’ and can cause nerve and ligament irritation, muscle tension, clicking/popping/cracking, interrupted blood flow, and decreased range of motion in the neck. Using video motion xray we discover exactly where these subluxations are and over time work to realign them with chiropractic care using drop table and electronic instrument adjusting techniques.

Other Causes of Neck Pain

There are there other causes as well. Misalignment of ribs is a very common example that we see every day in our office. Misalignment of the shoulder joint and jaw, and even the mid back, low back, and pelvis are others. After a thorough patient exam we can consider all of these as potential causes. Afterwards, we can create a conclusion as to what and where the problem is and how to help.

Maintaining your Progress

Once a patient experiences improvement we suggest occasional visits to help maintain that improvement. The goal is not dependence on chiropractic care, but lifelong health of the neck and nervous system through checkups. Maintaining the habit of proactive strengthening exercises helps keep the neck resilient and hold its alignment for the long-term. This helps decrease dependency a frequency of chiropractic care.

If neck pain is something you or someone you care for is suffering from there is hope! Relief of neck pain is only one of many benefits chiropractic care can provide. Contact us to find out how we might help!