Keeping a ‘Chiropractic Lifestyle’ through a Wet Fall and Winter

Fall is upon us.  In case there was any doubt, the rain, car headlights at noon, and darkness to and from work might make us all take a collective deep breath and prepare for another wet and cold west coast winter. Perhaps the less favorable weather and fewer hours of […]

Headaches, Chiropractic, and Smoke Detectors

Health issues like heart disease, obesity, and diabetes are commonplace in our society. Being common doesn’t mean it’s a ‘normal’ part of a healthy person. Similarly, headaches and migraines are common for many people. This doesn’t mean it should be considered ‘normal’ to a person’s health. Like most things in […]

Why ‘Wellness and Corrective’ Care?

Every day I enjoy the opportunity to help someone toward achieving their health goals, but some days the fruits of the combined effort of myself and my patients are quite evident. Yesterday was one such day in which several patients who had completed both their “Initial/Intensive” 5 weeks of care […]