Why ‘Wellness and Corrective’ Care?

Every day I enjoy the opportunity to help someone toward achieving their health goals, but some days the fruits of the combined effort of myself and my patients are quite evident. Yesterday was one such day in which several patients who had completed both their “Initial/Intensive” 5 weeks of care […]

Happy Holidays from Progressive Chiropractic!

December is here, and with it we celebrate our clinic’s fourth month in operation! As a thank-you to all of those patients and friends who have supported us we would like to invite you to stop by our office (no appointment necessary) to pick up your complimentary Christmas gift (it’s […]

Your Health: Sturdy Through a West-Coast Winter

The shorter, gloomier, overcast days, fallen leaves and falling temperatures have marked the end of a summer long gone and the beginning of our Victoria winter.  For many, this also means participation in ‘cold and flu’ season.  No, our fair Peninsula is not immune to this yearly plague, despite our […]