Who Really does the Healing?

There is no 'Fix-It-Felix' for your health. In the end the only person who does the healing is your own body.
No one can heal you except you. In the end the only ‘Fix-It-Felix’ who ends up really doing the healing is your own body.

The way people interface with doctors in our medical system hasn’t really changed much in over a hundred years. I realized this recently when I went into a walk-in medical clinic needing a prescription for antibiotics for the first time in roughly 15 years. I told the doctor what the problem was, one or two questions about my symptoms were asked, my throat and ears were examined briefly, and within a span of about 3 minutes total I had a prescription for amoxicillin and was on my way.

Time-efficient? Sure. But were any questions asked about WHY my body was susceptible to an infection in the first place? Questions about WHAT was going on in my life to allow this to happen- what stresses: emotional, mental, or physical that might have been in play? Any advice given as to how to prevent getting infection in the future or how to maximize my healing potential during my recovery? Nope. The responsibility and the onus was completely taken off me or at least not addressed in the first place. It might as well have been that I was struck by ‘tonsillitis lightning’ by complete random chance and I was going to the doctor who’s job it was to ‘fix’ me.

It may sound a little ridiculous, and certainly there are some MD’s that take a more holistic approach, but by and large this is what our society has been taught to believe about health and healing- that if something isn’t working right there’s generally a doctor and a prescription to ‘fix’ it. Unfortunately though it has also left people very confused about who and what really does that healing and what their individual responsibility is in the healing process.

I see this attitude in my office all the time. People view me and my adjustments as the things that will ‘fix them up,’ likening my treatments to prescription pills thinking that ‘with enough of them I should get better.’ What some people don’t grasp though is that my adjustments are meant to put the body in a better position to heal itself. Antibiotics don’t really heal a person either, they simply reduce the immune system’s workload giving the body a helping hand to start winning the battle against the infection.

When people aren’t getting the results they’d like in my office, quite often it comes back to things they personally need to work on that are sabotaging their progress. Usually these are things like lack of muscular strength, flexibility, poor postures and habits, and mental/emotional stress. I’ll even see a person make great improvement with their spine but no improvement symptomatically until they start addressing other aspects of their lives.

The take-home message here is that the only person or thing who REALLY does the healing is your own body, this is the way it has always been. The sooner you can make choices in your life that are in tune with this reality the better off your health will be!

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