Progressive Chiropractic – Official Sponsor of SIVA- the South Island Volleyball Association

Progressive Chiropractic is proud to be the official chiropractic sponsor of SIVA- The South Island Volleyball Association

SIVA- (The South Island Volleyball Association) is an organized,  recreational/ competitive volleyball league here in Victoria/Saanich  BC offering a fun, healthy atmosphere for indoor/outdoor volleyball and development programs. We recently reached a partnership with SIVA to help provide better access to chiropractic care for its members- click HERE to find out more.

The philosophy of SIVA is one of community health and wellness that our clinic can really get behind. In the words of director Chris Abra:

For a fun time playing organized volleyball check out SIVA!

“The South Island Volleyball Association is committed to providing high quality volleyball experiences for players of any age and skill level in the Greater Victoria area.  From the competitive yet casual fun of our outdoor summer leagues to training and skill development with the Volleyball Canada Centre of Excellence, we try our best to grow the sport of volleyball at every level.”

Our intent is to help provide SIVA members with access to a chiropractor so that they can be at their best and keep doing what they love.

I’m an avid volleyballer and I’ve found my personal experience with SIVA to be a very a positive one. So if you’re looking for a great time playing a fantastic sport in a friendly, organized atmosphere then be sure to check out this organization!

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