Sports and Chiropractic – Why a Chiropractor can help you be at the Top of your Game

Regardless of your sports or activities, your body is the tool you need to use to perform at your highest level. In order for your body to perform at its full potential, its structure and function need to be as close to perfect as possible.

Structure + Form = Function, especially when it comes to the structure and function of your spine and extremity joints- which need to be aligned and function properly to perform at your best

This is why both elite and recreational athletes from all realms of the sporting world rely on chiropractic care for peak performance. Structure + Form = Function, especially when it comes to the structure and function of your spine and extremity joints.

Your spine and extremities are like the foundation and framework of your body. Within this structure there are a number of different kinetic chains that must coordinate and work together in order to perform certain movements. If any part of these kinetic chains are dysfunctional, movements can become inefficient, joints may not track properly, weights and forces can be distributed unevenly and injuries can occur. This is far from ideal if you’re an athlete hoping to perform at your best.

If you are an athlete, you are also likely aware of the injuries- both minor and severe, that can occur just from competing. In this way, a chiropractor can be something of a formula 1 race car mechanic in keeping your body ‘fine-tuned’.

At Progressive Chiropractic in Victoria, BC we do this by:

– Going over your health and athletic history in detail

– Assessing your spinal health and function using excellent technology to do this

– Assessing your extremity joint health (i.e.- shoulders, hips, knees, ankles, wrists, etc.)

– Creating a plan to help get you back on track and maintain your progress- including any appropriate strengthening and stretching exercises

– Assessing your progress along the way- both from your perspective and mine

Elite athletes like Usain Bolt- the world's fastest man use chiropractic to be at their best
Elite athletes like Usain Bolt- the world’s fastest man are advocates for, and use chiropractic to be at their best

Through my experience taking care of athletes, I have seen chiropractic:

– Help athletes of all levels recover from injuries

– Help athletes prevent injuries and become more resilient

– Help athletes perform at their best

I really enjoy working with athletes and sport enthusiasts, from Mixed Martial Artists to crossfit athletes, from recreational 10K runners to top triathletes and weekend warriors, chiropractic is an excellent way to keep you doing what you love, and keeping people ‘in the game’ is one of the most satisfying things I do.

Chiropractic is what the elite athletes of the world rely on to be at their best- chances are it could help you too!

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