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A New Lease on Life with Chiropractic – It’s Not about your Back, it’s about your Life!

As we close in on the second anniversary of our clinic opening, I realize I’ve grown as a chiropractor in many ways. One of these is in becoming more attuned to the subtle changes that occur in many of the sick and desperate people who come through our doors seeking […]

All Processes take time – But How Long with Chiropractic?

We live in a society increasingly demanding of all things ‘instant’.  Instant information, instant entertainment, instant food, instant gratification, and instant symptom relief. Not surprisingly, many new patients enter our office with their deeply-ingrained “Fast-Acting Relief in just one dose” mentality with them. The natural expectation of many is to […]

All Processes Take Time – A Lesson In Patience from a Chiropractor’s Father

One of the most difficult patients a chiropractor can care for is their own family member. After all, these are the people that have been closest to you as you’ve grown up, know everything about you,  and will therefore second-guess your recommendations from time to time.. Such was the case […]

Chiropractic for Seniors: It’s Never too Late to Live Well!

Who is chiropractic safe, appropriate, and effective for?  From the viewpoint of a chiropractor on the ‘inside looking out’, my answer is: “Everyone!”  Even so, many who haven’t experienced chiropractic and would benefit greatly are often hesitant to try. One such group of people who can benefit greatly are seniors, […]