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“What is your Opinion on Vertebral Subluxation Theory?…”

Recently I was emailed an excellent question that I’d like to share: “Hi there. I am shopping around for a chiropractor, and I have a few questions. What is your opinion on vertebral subluxation theory? Do you consider chiropractic care capable of treating medical issues beyond mechanical back pain?” My […]

Once I Start Chiropractic Care do I Have to go for the Rest of my Life?

What does broccoli, exercise, and chiropractic care have in common?  All three are very beneficial for your health and when used regularly are part of an overall healthy lifestyle. The bigger picture however, is that all three of these things- eating broccoli and other greens regularly, exercising on a regular […]

Chiropractic for Seniors: It’s Never too Late to Live Well!

Who is chiropractic safe, appropriate, and effective for?  From the viewpoint of a chiropractor on the ‘inside looking out’, my answer is: “Everyone!”  Even so, many who haven’t experienced chiropractic and would benefit greatly are often hesitant to try. One such group of people who can benefit greatly are seniors, […]

Victoria Chiropractor Dr. Mark Smith taking video xray of a patient

The Value of Video Motion Xray of the Spine

Dr. Mark Smith at Progressive Chiropractic is the only Victoria chiropractor to offer video motion xray technology in an effort to identify spinal issues with as much accuracy as possible and attempt to provide the best results possible for our patients. Dr. Mark also shows and explains all video xrays […]