What does a ‘Normal’ Back feel like?

Your body (including your spine) will make the best efforts it can to communicate with you
Your spine will make the best efforts it can to communicate with you- even if it means eliciting pain!

Before I attended chiropractic school I was under the belief that I didn’t actually ‘need’ chiropractic care. Once I was in chiropractic school I realized that this sort of thinking was like believing I didn’t need to exercise, eat healthy, or go to the dentist for checkups- oh how our thoughts can change!

As I started receiving regular care though an interesting thing happened. In short, I started to learn what ‘normal’ felt like.

It turned out that I had a lot of indicators of poor spinal health that over time I had just accepted as being ‘normal for me’- decreased range of motion in my low back and neck, stiffness when I woke up every morning, popping and cracking in my low back with certain movements, I was tired by 2 pm in the afternoon, and I had a chronic dry cough that I had simply gotten used to. In hindsight, it was only after getting my spine adjusted on a regular basis and seeing these symptoms disappear that I realized this was my spine and nervous system trying to tell me I had a problem!

But back in my high school and college years when small injuries to my back and neck happened I dealt with them like most people would- mainly with the occasional pain killer like Advil, stretching, rest, and would either ‘work through the pain’ or wait until my pain subsided enough that I just got used to it. I didn’t know that there was another way to deal with it, and I simply thought that everyone suffered with issues like this- or so I was led to believe.

I’ve never been hit by a bus and had major spinal injuries. I’ve never had scoliosis or a spinal infection or experienced debilitating migraine headaches for years and years. But I do know the difference between what a normal healthy back and an unhealthy one feels like, and in a word it feels like…..nothing. Or maybe a better word is ‘ease’ or ‘unawareness of any issue’, ‘smooth’, or ‘no background noise’. The beauty of being in this state of spinal health is that it also says something very positive about your internal health as well. And no, it doesn’t count if you’re achieving this feeling with the use of medication either.

If you’ve never had this feeling of ‘normal’ it might not be a bad idea for you to find out for yourself how it feels.


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