Why did I get sick?!

We can get pretty dramatic about looking for answers when we get sick, but when we look at what actually causes sickness the answers often become clear.

Recently I had a nasty bout of tonsillitis that forced me to miss 4 consecutive days of work. This is significant because in my 3 years of practice I had never missed ONE day of work and prior to that I couldn’t even remember the last time I had been home sick!

In those moments of agony on the couch watching Netflix and sipping tea I did as many do during times like these and looked to the heavens and asked “WHY?!! How could I possibly get sick?!” as if by some fluke twist of fate I had gotten struck by tonsillitis lightning and it was all just ‘bad luck.’

Then I used my chiropractic reasoning and thought about the REAL reasons why people get sick: TOXICITY AND DEFICIENCY. In other words: TOO MUCH OF SOMETHING OR TOO LITTLE OF SOMETHING

When the human body has everything it needs in the proper proportion, it functions properly. The correct nutrition + the correct amount of nerve flow, water, sleep, positive thoughts, spiritual inputs, posture, oxygen, etc. etc = HEALTH.

When the body gets thrown out of balance by getting too much of what it doesn’t need and too little of what it does need, sickness often results.

When the body doesn’t get the things it needs to function properly, or it’s exposed to too much of the wrong things (toxicity) the body gets stressed and thrown out of balance (another word for balance is homeostasis.)

So I had plenty of time to think about what might have thrown me out of homeostasis and came to the conclusion that it was essentially my own disregard for my body that got myself sick. A very full week of work combined with several late nights over the weekend, poor nutrition for several days, and a couple full days of moving furniture and boxes over the weekend without rest had likely gotten me run-down, undernourished, and exhausted without even realizing it. As a result my immune system was probably suppressed and wasn’t functioning properly and allowed whatever bacteria or virus I had to take a hold and cause my body to express symptoms.

Let me be clear though- do I blame the “bug” that I was infected with for getting me sick? No.

We are exposed to germs, bacterias, viruses every day- in fact, our bodies are basically petrie dishes covered and filled with microorganisms. It is entirely possible that I had been carrying around whatever infected my tonsils for months until it was finally given the chance to wreak havoc on my throat. Given the right environment and opportunity germs that are lying in wait will do this at the first chance they get.

We have been raised with a lot of wrong-headed beliefs about why we get sick. The next time you’re under the weather like I was, think about what the body needs to be healthy and you might just find the answers to why you got sick in the first place.

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