The Best Chiropractor in Victoria?

Who is the best chiropractor in Victoria? To say you’re the ‘best chiropractor’ in a city is a claim that the BC College of Chiropractors and the BC Chiropractic Association doesn’t actually allow a practicing chiropractor to make, and it’s a good thing too, because it would probably make finding […]

Victoria Chiropractor Dr. Mark Smith’s Zenith 230 Hi-Lo Table

Not your ordinary chiropractic table. Dr. Mark has been using this table since he started practice, and while it may look a little space-aged and even a little intimidating to some, its use in our clinic actually results in what most patients find to be a very easy and agreeable […]

Ankle Flexibility and Movement

Dr. Mark Smith takes a couple minutes to discuss the importance of maintaining flexibility in the ankle and walking on uneven surfaces: