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Chiropractor Victoria BC: Our office is the ONLY chiropractic clinic in the greater Victoria area and on Vancouver Island using Digital Spinal Video Motion Xray (Videofluoroscopy). This technology helps us accurately diagnose spinal issues and has given us success in treating many issues. These include low back pain, neck pain, mid-back pain, headaches, motor vehicle accidents, and sports injuries. Our chiropractor Dr. Smith also values wellness care and provides a thorough wellness assessment with each new patient. This assessment therefore provides patients with lifestyle advice and helps ensure better long-term quality of life for our clientele. Better quality of life and long-lasting results for you and your loved ones are our goal for you!

Spinal Video Motion Xray

Video Xray at Progressive Chiropractic, Victoria BC
The Progressive Chiropractic Videofluoroscopy Xray Machine is the most unique aspect of our clinic. This powerful technology therefore takes the guesswork out of spinal assessment and spinal issues are identified easily.



Lifestyle and Wellness

Our lifestyle and wellness assessment empowers patients to not only feel better, but also experience better health through improved lifestyle habits!

Dr. Mark Smith

Chiropractor Victoria Dr. Mark Smith
Chiropractor Victoria- Dr. Mark Smith is committed to his calling as a healer and teacher. His goal is to help you and your loved ones live more fully and experience lasting change.

 The Zenith 230 Hylo Chiropractic Table

Dr. Mark’s table raises and lowers to accommodate any age and physical state. No ‘twisting’ or ‘torquing’ is necessary using this table

 Spinal Hygiene and Stretching Exercises

Proactive spinal strengthening and stretching exercises are crucial to the healing process. We will recommend exercises that are right for you and will help you make lasting change.

 Neck Pain, Mid Back PainLow Back Pain

These are issues that we have helped countless patients with and encounter on a daily basis. With the technology and equipment to address these issues, chances are we can help you too!


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Clinic tour of progressive chiropractic


A Different Kind of Office

When you step into our office, we want you to feel at home and

confident in your choice. That’s why we have designed our clinic

to be the way it is. Our approach is a combination of technology

and traditional chiropractic, of open-concept and professionalism, and

we hope you agree! We have:

1. A positive environment that encourages healthy life choices.

2. Technology and thorough full-body assessment that makes

diagnosis specific.

3. Ongoing explanation and simplicity in our processes and

procedures for clear patient understanding.

4. Follow-up and reassessment to track patient progress.

When you add up all of these features, it’s the patient that benefits

and is set up for long-term success with their Chiropractor Victoria BC.

Natural Healing Through Chiropractic is Different.

As a profession Chiropractic has persisted for over 120 years and is

very simple: By restoring proper motion to the spine the body is able

to recover and heal from a number of different issues. Proper spinal

motion has global effects on the nervous system- the master control

system of the body. It also has effects on the body’s stress response,

blood flow, muscular tension, flexibility, and range of motion.

In other words, proper spinal motion allows the the body is able

to return to a ‘balanced’ state and heal itself. This is how chiropractic

helps provide the body with a means of healing itself naturally from

the inside-out.

Unsure About Chiropractic Care?

You’re not alone! We’ve helped countless first-time chiropractic

patients get under care and achieve remarkable results. We do

this by explaining our exam and treatment step-by-step

clearly and helping patients understand the process. This

creates a comfortable environment that is conducive to healing

and eventually feels like home. In fact,one of the things we enjoy

the most is making ‘believers’ out of  skeptics and those

unfamiliar with care. By doing this, a ‘ripple’ effect often happens

where a first-time patient becomes healthier, tells a friend who

gets great results, and so on. The end result is a healthier,

happier community and a better understanding and appreciation

for chiropractic and wellness.

Chiropractor Victoria BC

Dr. Mark Smith has had over 30,000 patient interactions in his

career. This means that he’s faced a large variety of clinical

cases and challenges. As a patient you’ll benefit from his

experience because chances are he’s helped many people very

similar to you get great improvement. Even those with very

complex and chronic issues who feel they may be a ‘lost cause’

can potentially benefit from a new approach. When

experiencing health issues it can often feel as if

you’re on your own and that others might not be able to relate.

With a great chiropractor on your side you have a muskuloskeletal

specialist on your side well equipped to help you and confide in.


 Patient Hours

Monday 8:30-11:30 12:30-2:30
Tuesday 10:00-1:00 3:00-6:00
Wednesday 8:30-11:30 12:30-2:30
Thursday 10:00-1:00 3:00-6:00
Friday 8:30-11:30 12:30-2:30
Sat/Sun Closed Closed

Clinic Location


Progressive Chiropractic

Suite 207- 1595 McKenzie Ave
Victoria BC V8P 5G8

(Corner of Shelbourne/McKenzie)

McKenzie Professional Building

Phone: 250-590-7319


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