Resources and Exercises

Exercises for the low back

Low Back Exercises:

Back Strengthening (With Instructions)

Back Strengthening (Printable PDF)

Easier Back Strengthening(With Instructions)

Back Stretching (With Instructions)

Low Back Pain Relief (with instructions)

Low Back Pain Relief (Printable PDF)



Exercises for the Neck

Neck Exercises:

Neck Pain Relief (Printable PDF)






Exercises for the mid back and upper back

Mid Back/Upper Back Exercises:

Dr. Mark’s VIDEO- Mid back and Neck Pain Flexibility


Mid-Back and Upper back Gym- pdf






Hip exercises


Hip Mobility/Stretching Video/Instructions

Hip Mobility (Printable PDF)







Shoulder Exercises


Shoulder exercises (Printable PDF)







Exercises for those with desk jobs


Desk or Computer







Spinal hygiene – small print pdf

Spinal hygiene – medium print pdf

Spinal hygiene– large print pdf

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